Driveway security bollards
Driveway security bollards

Driveway Security Bollards

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Driveway Security bollards installed

The Best Driveway Bollards

Security bollards have many different reasons for why they are used. For example: 

Additional security,
Restricting access to pedestrian areas,
Traffic calming measures.

In fact, cars parked illegally on the road in front of your property go against The Road Traffic Act, therefore, the local authorities will hand out a penalty charge notice. But the police or the local authorities do not have the power to remove vehicles concerning unauthorized parking that have been left on your driveway, as it is not deemed an offence.

Furthermore, though the vehicle is trespassing, the law...

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Driveway Security Bollards & Parking Posts

Welcome to Secure Bollards.
We have a selection of the finest quality and high performance bollards, barriers and posts at reasonable prices, because It is of great importance our customers have complete reassurance their homes and vehicles are secure.
The commercial-grade fold-down driveway bollards are the most commonly used where it concerns keeping your parking space, or garage entrance clear from unauthorised parking.
Customers whom live in residential areas with shared car parks also have driveway bollards installed, to help secure their parking spaces.

Driveway Bollards

Approved Security Bollards & Posts For Driveways & Parking Areas

Driveway Bollards are here to give your private land additional security. The posts and barriers we provide on the website are designed to protect areas such as garages, driveways, gardens, walkways and pathways from vehicular intrusion.
They can stand up to the hardest treatment and provide a robust and cost-effective method of protecting your area.
If you have considered investing in Security Bollards for your private land, this guide is here to help you find the bollards suitable for your home.
Is Your Property & Car Secure?
Although most homeowners take precaution to protect their private property with common security measures such as:


Electric gates

Sensor driveway lighting.

It is also important to consider an extra precaution if you feel you need extra security for your property. Security Bollards are both practical and helpful solutions, which are often the most cost-effective. They protect your property from theft of vehicles from garages or driveways. In addition, they prevent access from unauthorized parking.

Different types of residential driveway bollards
The various types of residential Security Bollards we have to offer for your property are as follows:

Static bollards/Static posts offers a simple and cost-effective permanent solution for residential perimeter protection.These bollards are fixed into the concrete when installed.

Fold-down bollards are budget friendly and easy to operate. Just simply fold down when not in use, and lock it into place in the upright position using the key required when in use. These bollards are ideal as a parking post to stop unwanted parking from other vehicles on your driveway.

Liftout bollards are suitable to applications including pedestrian demarcation, street bollards and building perimeters. These bollards are easy to operate. To secure the bollard a padlock is used on a lug at the base of the bollard and attached to the socket cover plate, which is safe for vehicles and pedestrians to cross.

Telescopic bollards are classed as an anti ram bollard. This is an insurance company recommended product. The strong, practical and easy to use bollard is designed for use on domestic driveways. It locks into its upright position with an integral high-security push button lock. It can be lifted out of the ground and lowered in seconds. When not in use the post slides discreetly below ground level, and the steel cover plate sits atop the retracted bollard.