Security Bollards & The Reasons Why They're Needed

Security Bollards & The Reasons Why They're Needed

Security Bollards & The Top Reasons Why They're Needed.

What are Bollards?
They are short, vertical posts surrounding retail storefronts, parking lots, and buildings, offering security and safety to protect patrons. Though they may seem like a modern-day invention to an age-old problem, the truth is the idea of bollards have been around for over 200 years and now their use has been evolved with time. As the times have changed, the desire for protection and safety against traffic accidents has increased, so does the need for bollards.
Nowadays, driveway bollards are increasingly used in front of the garage and positioned at the entrance to a driveway so that patron’s property or car is secure.

Types of Driveway Bollards
There are different types of driveway bollards that people have installed. For example:

  1. A telescopic driveway bollard is a retractable post that locks into position when needed and slides into the ground when not in use, allowing vehicles to pass over.
  2. Removable driveway bollards are good value for money and can be quickly removed when not in use.
  3. Automatic driveway bollards are the most convenient option when access is required throughout the day. They are operated by using a remote controller to control bollards' state, when you need a bollard for safety protection, you can raise it in just about 3 or 4 seconds.

Difference between Automatic and Manual Driveway Bollards
According to the survey, people now prefer to install Automatic driving bollard because they provide a convenient, low-maintenance solution, you can control the bollards when you need them to be lowered. Bollards that operate automatically are very attractive. Many property owners place a premium on aesthetics. The modern-looking motorized bollards can (literally) boost the value of the property by having retractable, led lighting. With a variety of types and unique design options to choose from, it's critical to find a residential driveway bollard that suits your needs and interests.

Do you, for example, only need a visible deterrent to protect your car? If that's the case, a basic fold-down bollard could be the most cost-effective option.

Manual retractable driveway bollards,

on the other hand, which are frequently larger in diameter and height, may be the answer if you desire a more substantial presence. Manual retract is simple to use, as it lifts and locks into place before lowering back into the earth when access is required.

Advantages of Automatic Driveway Bollards
Automatic driveway bollards have their own security features. The majority of automatic driveway bollards are composed of steel, which is sturdy and durable enough to provide high-level protection. The people or buildings are protected by the bollards, which can prevent accidents.

Driveway bollards are frequently used to block access to a restricted location. Attempts to cross the car's boundary and reach the designated area will be met with automatic bollards.

Automatic driveway bollards have their own set of advantages in terms of cost. They protect your property and its infrastructure from potential damage. Property damage prevention can also save you time, money, and labor.

The good news is that most of driveway bollards are available in a variety of styles. Some come in a variety of heights and diameters, and they're usually available in a painted or stainless-steel finish, so, you don't have to sacrifice style to address your home security issues.

Benefits of Driveway Bollards
The three biggest benefits of driveway bollards for private driveways are:

London & Surrounding Areas have seen the biggest rise in keyless car theft  in last four years.


  • Unfortunately vehicle theft is on the rise, but luckily drivers still have plenty of options to protect their car. Most thieves are known to be opportunists and every second counts for them. If they see a solid obstacle like a parking bollard blocking their way, most will not take the risk.


  • This is an especially important concern for most homeowners, especially those who live in high traffic areas or near local amenities such as shopping malls or movie theaters. While many respect private property limits, sometimes those limits are not obvious to everyone, and there are always those who simply park where it is most convenient for them. Parking bollards provide an excellent visual indicator of the boundaries of your private area, as well as a physical barrier for those who would otherwise ignore that.

Comfort and Accessibility

  • Following our last point, it can be particularly annoying to come home to find someone parked in your parking lot, or to block you when parking or turning when exiting the parking lot. Entrance parking bollards are by far one of the simplest and easiest solutions to this problem. They present a physical barrier to drivers who would otherwise attempt any of these maneuvers and allow you to enter and exit your property with precision whenever you want.


We reccomend having a Driveway Bollard Installed on your drive to protect your cars!

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