The best driveway bollards

The best driveway bollards

Security bollards have many different reasons for why they are used. For example:

  • Additional security.
  • Restricting access to pedestrian areas.
  • Traffic calming measures

Government departments and organisations are not the only ones to use them. In fact, there's an increase in domestic investments, as homeowners are choosing driveway bollards as a means to protect their homes and parking spaces.

Anyone can legally park on your driveway

Did you know if anyone was to park on your driveway you're not allowed to remove the vehicle?

In fact, cars parked illegally on the road in front of your property go against The Road Traffic Act, therefore, the local authorities will hand out a penalty charge notice. But the police or the local authorities do not have the power to remove vehicles concerning unauthorized parking that have been left on your driveway, as it is not deemed an offence.

Furthermore, though the vehicle is trespassing, the law states it is only considered a civil matter. If you wanted to take action and have the vehicle removed, you'd need an eviction notice from the courts. This may result in being an expensive and lengthy process.

By all means, having the vehicle removed by hiring a tow-truck may seem like a good solution, although you'd have to pay for it. But this process could damage the vehicle, which you would be liable for.

At Security Bollards we can offer a more effective and reliable solution. Thus, driveway bollards are the most ideal for ensuring your driveway remains only accessible to you and whomever you allow on your property.

What to consider when investing in driveway bollards

Regarding making an investment, it is important to take into consideration why you need driveway bollards, or any Security Bollards to begin with. To make it simple for you, you must first ask yourself, What primary purpose does the driveway bollard serve? When that much is clear you'll be able to make the optimal decision with ease.

To ward off parking stealing opportunists

If you require an obstacle that obstructs those who would normally make it easy to inconvenience your day, then a simple fold-down bollard would be the most efficient for you. Whilst ideal for residential areas, these car parking posts are a great DIY option.

To physically stop people from parking on your property

If you're in need of a more durable structure, then you might require manual retractable driveway bollards. They're larger in height and diameter. They have integrated lock and keys, they simply lift and lock into position, and are lowered back into the ground when you require access. To increase your driveway security, retractable bollards are an inconspicuous choice. They're also very beneficial and cost-effective.

Driveway bollards with no effort required

Needless to say, some people may struggle with lifting and locking bollards. Therefore, a lift assisted, or semi-automatic retractable driveway bollard could be the best solution. They require no electrical connections or cabling. These driveway bollards have a gas actuator built-in, which provide a lift-assist mechanism, thus enables effortless use.

The best solution for busy driveways and residential car parks

Developments with residential shared car parks may require multiple access throughout the day. Fully automatic driveway bollards are a favored choice. There's a variety of access options:

  • Intercoms.
  • Key fob operation.
  • Proximity cards.

At Security Bollards we assure you'll be able to find a system that meets your standards. Extra safety is important to us, so warning signs, indicator lights and vehicle induction loops are able to be added to greatly benefit your driveway bollard system.

Why choose Security Bollards residential security bollards?

Security Bollards are a cost-effective solution where it concerns additional security to your home, which will help you feel safe. It will be reassuring to know your private parking space will be without unwanted vehicles, and your vehicles are protected from theft. There's a selection of custom design options and styles available. You can be sure to find a driveway bollard that fits your personal preference.

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