What is a Telescopic Security Bollard?

What is a Telescopic Security Bollard?

Telescopic security bollards are retractable. When in use they lock into position with ease. When allowing vehicles to pass over, they're simply lowered into the ground. This innovative product has many more capabilities, which you can read about in this article.

What are the benefits of a telescopic security bollard?

They serve a purpose to assure community safety.

A leading example of this: as terrorism persists to be a considerable UK threat, it is of great impotence to make sure communities and the people within them are protected, especially as there's been an increase in vehicular terrorist attacks. These deliberate vehicle-ramming tactics are used on crowds of people.

Telescopic security bollards have been designed, and crash tested to be incredibly durable for the purpose to withstand against the impact of heavy vehicles. Sure enough, these crash rated telescopic bollards have proven to be some of the most dependable bollards of our selection. They have hostile vehicle mitigation, IWA-14 and PAS 68, which are tested to withstand 7,500kg, thus can prevent deliberate attacks.

Furthermore, when it's not in use its retractable feature allows public spaces accessible for other vehicles when required.

There is much more information if you'd like to know all about crash-tested bollards helping towards the prevention of terrorism.

  • They help with traffic control

Telescopic security bollards have many uses. one of which is to calm and control traffic. An example of this: they serve a purpose to control access to parks, pedestrianized streets and other areas, whilst still allowing required access for maintenance and delivery vehicles.

  • They stop people stealing parking spaces

Retractable telescopic security bollards are often used in residential developments and organisations. This guarantees your parking space is secure from unauthorized drivers.

  • They provide a safe and accessible solution

These retractable telescopic security bollards greatly benefit in areas with pedestrian access. They present zero trip-hazards or obstructions when not in use.

How does a telescopic security bollard work?

We have a range of different kinds of telescopic security bollards, which are usually installed quite deep into the ground. This allows them to withstand the impact of a vehicle crashing into them. We're willing to help talk you through finding the best choice that suits your needs.

When in use, telescopic security bollards are easily raised and locked into place, either automatically or manually. When not in use they retract fully underground, leaving a smooth and flush finish.

Common places to install telescopic bollards

In order to control traffic, there are numerous locations that use telescopic security bollards. The three most common:

  • Towns & cities. Councils around the UK are having to enforce anti-terror measures to assure busy areas remain safe. To guarantee pedestrian safety, telescopic security bollards have critical significance.
  • Parking spaces. Telescopic security bollards allow your allocated parking spaces to only be used by you, and the people whom required access by you. Therefore, you won't have to deal with the nuisance of your driveway or work parking space being occupied without permission.
  • Delivery bays. Organisations must function successfully. Therefore, restrictions to delivery vehicles must not occur. Telescopic security bollards give an ideal solution, mostly in pedestrianized areas.

Fitting a telescopic post

Telescopic bollards are ideal for a majority of ground types. However, to ensure they're installed accurately it is important to have the expertise and the correct tools, so we strongly advise you make sure a professional will be fitting your telescopic security bollards.

Do all security bollards look the same?

No. Telescopic bollards have a wide variety of materials, styles, colours and finishes. This allows your traffic challenges to be maintained, whilst the look and feel of the areas you want protected achieve your standards. Also, at Security Bollards, our telescopic security bollards include:

  • For additional visibility and safety it has integrated audible sounders and flashing lights.
  • to allow blending in with the branding and surroundings it has bollard cylinder colour matching.

Why choose Security Bollards telescopic security bollards?

We have a system to benefit your requirements. We've done projects all around the UK, as well as supplying telescopic security bollards for:

  • local authority pedestrian areas.
  • urban regeneration projects.
  • hostile vehicle mitigation schemes.
  • residential and commercial premises.

The telescopic selection we have to offer allows you to have complete control over your security bollard. Thanks to our pre-installation assessment, we are able to provide a very efficient service.

For optimal operation, here at Security Bollards we pride ourselves on thoroughly testing every product before leaving our warehouse. When delivered, our highly qualified engineers will install your new telescopic security bollards with the slightest disruption to the enclosed area.

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